What do you call a stuffed animal with one leg?

Peg showed up in at JQR General last night, ready for replantation. Luckily I had a trove of commercially available polystyrene-filled stuffed animals, courtesy the Stein family of Scarsdale, NY, who were all willing to help out Peg by donating whatever they could, up to and including their left lower extremities.

Peg picked one from “Sizzle,” and as you can see from the before-and-after pictures, the operation seems to have been a success.

2 thoughts on “What do you call a stuffed animal with one leg?

  1. Operation looks like a success. Hopefully we gave you enough spare parts so you didn’t create any amputee beanies! Glad to hear the most excitement you get these days is a ball on a stick. Keeping you in our thoughts.

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