Coffee and nonsense syllables

Why more people don’t sing nonsense syllables is beyond me. I was just listening earlier this afternoon to Lizzy Mercier Descloux’s “Sports Spootnicks,” which you can preview in its entirety here and as before (it’s the second time it’s come on via shuffle in a week) I remarked to myself that she sounds like she’s having so much fun singing whatever comes to mind over these great lumpy, oozy swaybacked grooves. It’s definitely bouncy-palace music.

Another one with the nonsense is the critically acclaimed Ponytail, whose Ice Cream Spiritual you can find on emusic. Ponytail is a little more loud, a little more of a crude sound, a little more toward the thrashy end of the post-punk spectrum, but you can judge for yourself here.

Meanwhile, I took the afternoon off from biking because of the frigid weather and limited visibility. The afternoon sun looked like a brightly burning ball on a white bedsheet, which is always a problem. I was afraid I would ride off at the wrong angle and end up tangled up in a pile of concertina wire or something. Right now is the time for a little restorative coffee while I wait for M. to wake up in her secret city and for movie night to get started: I think tonight is either Mel Brooks’ History of the World Part I or Enemies, A Love Story with the scenery-chewing Lena Olin and the cucumber-cool Anjelica Huston playing two of Ron Silver’s three wives.

3 thoughts on “Coffee and nonsense syllables

  1. hi jqr! this is your cousin jean. hooray for the internet, it comes through for us, once in a while. the band Ponytail: yes yes yes. I saw them play in an almost-empty providence warehouse (where else, right?), and even though the girl vocalist was sick and feeling super crappy, she totally belted it out. the 20 or so people there (including a family with preteen kids who had somehow found their way to the show specifically to see Ponytail) did their part: the requisite dance-around freak-out that those kind of vocals can’t help but induce…I’d like to send you some music by Teenage Waistband, a now-defunct band of some friends of mine, with similar nonsense-syllable wild-animal-noise vocals… let me know what the best way to send something like that would be! lots of love.

  2. Jean, thanks! Looking forward to it…if you put them on your secret-door server, just send me the URL and I can download them song-by-song. Secret city internet is bad for large album-sized files but OK for small song-sized ones.

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