Do-si-do motivation

I just don’t know. If I were about to give up, would I reach for a cookie in the forlorn hope that it might spur me to renewed effort?

If I were a girl scout, would I unhesitatingly associate the do-si-do with belief and support? What if it wasn’t cookie season, and my support was needed?

3 thoughts on “Do-si-do motivation

  1. question 1: if you were me, and if there were a cookie nearby, yes. questions 2 & 3: having been a girl scout, I associate cookie season with competitiveness, high pressure, stress, and being forced to talk to strange grownups (which was probably a good thing). I’m not sure if support came into it…that’s nice that they sent you cookies though!

  2. Jean, you’ve come that close to giving up that a cookie might have made a difference? <i>Zut alors! Raccroche-toi!</i> Hang in there!I think it’s a scam that the shortening people came up with: the girlies get folks to buy one box of do-si-dos for themselves and one box for me, as if I had asked for them (not!).

  3. well… let’s see. I think it would depend on what you mean by giving up… stopping working for the night & going to sleep: cookie would probably be moot, sleep is better than a cookie in that case…giving up on existence itself: haven’t gotten to that point yet, but I guess a cookie would probably be moot then as well….getting tired of working, distracted, and wanting to take a break: HERE is the situation (where I have been many a time) where a cookie (or better yet, a piece of homemade bread with cheese slices and/or peanut butter on it) could make the key difference between another hour or three of productive work, or getting distracted by the internet and getting nothing more done that day!

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