Flat fix 002: valve magic video

For my visual learners out there, here’s a slideshow about
Presta-valve tubes. They come in differing stem lengths, and I usually
end up with many tubes on hand, all of the wrong length. Not an
insuperable obstacle, however; watch the slides for details.

One thought on “Flat fix 002: valve magic video

  1. ooh what a lovely visual learning video! I like the text placement over the image. I’ve totally had the little tip on the end of the Presta valve break off too; and somehow it does still continue to hold air (but I forgot how I got the tire deflated and off the wheel after that… maybe it just eventually went flat…?). where do you get bike parts, tubes, etc? are they also donated by the pallet-load, or do you have to order things specially? (one note: the clip from 0:37-0:41 could go on a couple of seconds longer, to allow ample time to read the text that appears in that shot… but this does not detract from the ruling-ness.)lots of love from still-wintry Prov.

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