Quote for the commonplace book 005, Lloyd Alexander

“Then,” Gurgi pleaded, “the two strengthful heroes will give Gurgi
something to eat? Oh, joyous crunchings and munchings!”
The Book of Three, Lloyd Alexander

 I ran into this classic from my childhood today at the morale office.
I think there six of these books, and I read the first one, The
Book of Three
, in about 45 minutes before lunch. It was like
coming across an old friend whose name you’d forgotten, but whose
turns of phrase has remained in your head. It was exactly that, in
fact. “Crunchings and munchings!” Indeed!

 It’s still in print, in a shinyand gaudy new edition, natch.

One thought on “Quote for the commonplace book 005, Lloyd Alexander

  1. oooh, Lloyd Alexander, those are some good paperbacks. do you remember the days of first reading ‘chapter books’, when you would be like "I did it, I read a whole nother chapter!" and some kindly adult would proudly congratulate you? … and now, what was once the work of an afternoon is finished in a couple of minutes. this reminds me of one of my friends recently wishing there was a limitation on how much candy an adult could buy, like only one bar a week… because it totally takes the magic of candy away to be able to buy a giant bag of snickers bars, and eat them all yourself in an afternoon — which would have been a near-impossible transgression when you were a kid. this may be similar to the way in which the "sausage bar" takes away anything that might be awesome about eating a single delicious sausage…

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