Simple luxuries

Since I moved to the tent,  I’ve been enjoying the latest in luxury accouterments: a bidet.
Actually, my choice of bidets, since every one of the seven toilets in
each of the two toilet-trailers has one installed and working. The
tincans I used to live in had one bidet installed in one trailer, and
that one was disabled shortly after I had discovered it.


Note for self: next time someone suggests spending a couple months
down in a secret city somewhere, make sure the bidet is installed and
working before agreeing.


Here’s the device in action (not in full glory, mind you, just action).


3 thoughts on “Simple luxuries

  1. okay, the bidet video was marked private, and I totally haven’t given my personal information away to You tube yet. however, for the record, I am fully convinced of the bidet’s functionality & usefulness, and often think of how nice it would be to have one… blast those american plumbing conventions. where were those toilets made? some decadent european country?

  2. There’s something about videos that implies a greater lack of privacy. I think I have around four different youtube accounts for that reason.

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