Sory Kandia Kouyate

Many readers know that I am a huge Sory Kandia Kouyate fan, and have
been ever since I first listened to “Souaressi” on the Syliphone 40th
Anniversary compilation. I’m pretty excited, therefore, to have
discovered another collection of his available on emusic a month or so
ago: L’épopée du mandingue, or the Mandeng Era. You can grab a
copy yourself with your own emusic subscription here.
What’s even more exciting about this one is that I recognize several
of the song titles: I have other versions of “Massana Cisse,” “Keme
Bourema,” “Toutou Diarra,” and “Duga” in the sonoteca already,
so I can look forward to some exciting comparative listening.
The whole griot-song oeuvre really is such a source of joy and
creative energy to me, and has been for many, many years.
My thoughts on balafonist El Hadj Djeli Sory Kouyate
Picture is one of my many thiebou-dienn photos, from Dedeao’s party on Hart St in February 2008.

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  1. Maybe the out-of-box blog settings limit it somehow so that only people under 50 are allowed to comment.

  2. Hi, JQR. I just discovered this kora player, and I’m trying to figure out when Sory Kandia Kouyaté was born. I haven’t yet located a good bio for him. Your site popped up first, so I thought I’d ask here…and then go on my merry "google" way! This is beautiful music; I really like Sory’s "Souaressi," which is one of three I’ve heard so far. Wow. Gorgeous.

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